Professionals need specific skills when presenting themselves in a business setting and The Etiquette Society coaches our younger generation and our established business leaders on the principles and practices of business etiquette.

Once your needs and goals are established, The Etiquette Society will deliver an effective business etiquette training programme. Tutorials may include role play and real-life examples in a dining/function setting, taking care of a table of clients, correct use of tableware, wine tutoring and any other tailored requirements.

Professional Networking

Professional Networking

The Etiquette Society offers a one-hour course to develop your networking and communication skills which is vitally important in meeting and retaining new clients.


Graduates and School Leavers

The Etiquette Society conducts training specifically designed for school leavers and those graduating from tertiary education.
In an extremely competitive business and tertiary market it helps to stand out from the crowd.

The Etiquette Society will equip you with the skills and expertise that will help give you the edge in the sphere of ever-changing modern manners.



Manners and protocols have changed dramatically over the past decade or more, but there are specific skills modern professionals still need when presenting themselves in a business setting.
The Etiquette Society offers specific coaching relevant to either graduates at the start of their career, those new to management or those wanting to take the next career development step.



Australians enjoy an enviable and diverse variety of wines.  We have some of the best wine regions and production methods in the world.  
The Etiquette Society will help ensure you’re ready to talk about wine with confidence based on the knowledge of different varietals, wine regions and food matching.  We do this through tutored wine tastings.


Media Advice

Our Graduates and Professionals programme offers media advice as part of the core training structure.
We are extremely lucky to have the services of a highly skilled media consultant and communications professional with more than 20 years’ experience in journalism, strategic communications, government, public relations, campaign planning and execution.
As a senior member of the State Premier’s media team, she provided high-level strategic advice to the Premier and State ministers, ministerial staff, chief executives, public servants and stakeholder groups.

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